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Use a key with the same security

The great advantage of master and master key locking systems is that you can open and close an entire lock system using a single master key, while each lock can be opened and closed with a different key.

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How the master key system works in practice

In the example above, the "Master Key" opens all doors and locks on the property and is held by the caretaker or some kind of manager. Sub-keeper A opens the main entrance and all locks on the ground floor and is used by the manager of the company occupying the upstairs. The same applies to sub-master B.

In addition, each employee has a key to open the main entrance, their own office door and the filing cabinet. These keys work with different types of locks, e.g. door locks, locker locks, padlocks, etc., as long as the cylinder inside is of the same type.


Master key system

The Master Key opens each lock insert, while each lock insert has its own key.


Control key system

Each lock has its own unique key, but "per level" there is a group key and a master key.

Locking systems

Safety and comfort

In the case of lock systems, security is perhaps even higher than for normal locks, because lock systems can only be assembled from high-quality, high-security locks and their corresponding keys.

Identical closure systems

All lock inserts, padlocks and lockers can be opened with a single key.

Master key system

The master key is the "all-powerful" key that opens all lock inserts, but each lock insert also has its own key.

Control key system

Each lock has its own key that only opens the lock insert. In addition to this, there are one or more group keys which open the respective lock groups and a master key which opens all locks.

Central locking system

The master key can only be used to open shared rooms, whether they are the front door or a common corridor. All other locks are opened by an individual key.

Master and master key locking systems

Who we recommend, where we use master key systems

Private property

Master key or key-operated locking systems are not primarily preferred in private properties, but more and more such solutions are available. They are primarily useful for larger detached houses where there is access to the living area from more than one location, or where there are outbuildings that are locked separately. In these cases the master key system is preferable because we are talking about small locking systems. Master key locking systems are limited in size, but for private properties they can be the perfect solution to replace large key bunch systems.

Office buildings, business properties

Clearly, we recommend the keyless locking system already shown in the example above. The idea is that managers and security staff can open several locks with a single key, including simple drawer locks, but it is important to know that a master key locking system must be very carefully designed, because retrofitting is complicated and expensive.


For condominiums, depending on their size, both master key and master key locking systems can be designed. For smaller condominiums, a master key locking system is sufficient, whereas for larger condominiums a master key system is required. For condominiums, a central locking system can also be considered, where residents use a single key to open the main entrance and common areas, while individual keys can be used to open living areas, mailboxes and garages.

Hotels, pensions, accommodation

The key-operated locking system is perhaps the most effective and widespread here. After all, in almost all cases, locked spaces - rooms - need to be accessible to more people, be they guests or staff. It requires very careful planning, but once designed, it is cost-effective, as significantly fewer keys need to be made. In addition, it speeds up the workflow a lot in the first place. think of how much time a cleaning staff in a fifteen-room establishment takes up just finding the right key for the right lock.

Master key system

Get everywhere with a key

The master key system is a key scheme in which selected keys can open a number of predefined doors. These are the master keys.

The master key system provides quick access to all rooms, for example for security staff and drivers. This is not only convenient, but can also save lives in an emergency.

Locking systems

No more keychains, one key is enough!

Single-key locking systems, which are called master or control key systems, are therefore useful, reliable and not to be neglected. They are cost effective!

But it should be stressed that before using them, it is very important to plan them accurately and precisely. We need to know exactly who can open what and who cannot. The more complex a system is, the more secure it becomes, but at the same time the possibility of expansion and reorganisation is reduced. For this reason, you should always seek the advice of a specialist who should be involved in the design of the master and master key locking systems, not just the implementation.

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